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Contact Puyallup Cohousing

We have been having occasional problems with the contact form to the left getting lost.  If you filled it out and haven’t heard back from us in a couple of days, please email us at:

[email protected]


Here’s our current plan for joining with us:

Step 1: Introductions

Fill out the form above.  We’ll setup an introductory zoom. Still interested? Ask to sit in on a couple of our weekly zoom meetings to introduce yourself and meet more of the group.

Step 2: Join as an explorer

The next step is to join as an Explorer. Explorers pay a non-refundable  fee of $100. As an Explorer, you’ll be connected with a mentor within the community to help guide you through the process of learning more about Puyallup Cohousing

Step 3: Join our LLC as a full member

When an Explorer is ready to join the community as a Full Member, they pay a LLC membership fee of  $500, and make the first unsecured loan to the LLC of $1500.