News from Puyallup Cohousing Ecovillage

 This page is to tell you about what’s happening now.   We are happy to have this opportunity to keep you up to date on our progress and to invite your input as we move closer to establishing this community.

August 2023

There are many hurdles to leap over and many hoops to jump through in any construction project and we are working our way over and through these.  Many engineering studies need to be carried out to determine the feasibility of a project like ours and we’ve completed the first set with the help and advice of our Civil Engineering firm.  We have had two preliminary meetings with Pierce County to share our results and they have given us very positive feedback.  That said: there’s lots more work to come!

We have just approved a membership process that will start October 1, 2023.  You can take a look our process at the bottom of the tab labeled ‘How to join’.  (The membership process is conveniently located just below the form for you to fill in to express interest in our project!)  We will have an opportunity to become members and join the queue for purchasing units as we move closer to construction.

 We are currently working on the site plan – where does everything go on the property?  Now is the time to brainstorm about how our developed property will look. We’re looking at things that will need to be decided in order to forecast our costs and schedule.  Things like: sizes of homes; one or two stories; detached single family or plexes; condos or co-ops; …and LOTS MORE!

 We know the development phase isn’t for everyone.  If this isn’t the right time for you, keep us in mind and check back on this newsletter page from time to time to see how we are progressing. 

For those who are excited about the potential and ready to participate more in the process, please contact us using the contact form under “How to join”.